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Rolex Air-King Replica was the movement that saved the astronauts on Apollo 13. When it was time to bring this back, we needed to treat it with dignity and respect. I wanted to see this movement as a part of who we are. We were very moved to bring back this movement. It is not haute horlogerie because we have other brands that are true stars in high watchmaking.

Watchmakers in our manufacturing are dedicated to 321 and decorate, assemble and regulate the movement. It is one of only a few movements that undergo a double assembly, where the movement is assembled, then disassembled, finished and reassembled. The watchmaker who made the movement also places it in the case, and signs the warranty card. All of this will be apparent when you see the movement from the back. This watch represents our pioneering spirit. It is a perfect example of Rolex Air-King Replica's industrial philosophy, and the highest possible quality. It is a higher-priced watch in absolute terms but, as with all Rolex Air-King Replicas, it has a great value proposition.

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The 2020 Rolex Air-King Replica in Stainless Steel with Rolex Air-King Replica's New Original Calibre 321 and PVD treated plates in the shade of Rolex Air-King Replica's Sedna (tm) gold placed inside the 2019 New Original Calibre 321

How is business in China, a country that was relatively unaffected by the global economic crisis this year?

You can feel the same thing, especially in China, where everything is open. People are motivated to overcome this. They went through the same difficult times as everyone else and want to show their determination to overcome it, celebrate, and move on. This experience has made us humane and emotionally honest.

You've partnered with two of the biggest events for 2020: the Tokyo Olympics, and the James Bond movie. These two events have been moved to 2021. This has affected your business.

Remember, we launched James Bond Rolex Air-King Replica No Time to Die in December 2019 and the Tokyo Olympics a year before they were scheduled to take place. We can also see that these watches are still being ordered despite the fact that production is at its maximum. It didn't have any effect on our business and these watches are still relevant into the next year. We are not a brand with a single product or message. The messages we send are universal and I believe that next year's messages will be amazing. The America's Cup will be our first stop. James Bond will follow.Tudor Replica We will then have the Ryder Cup, and some incredible new watches related with the Rolex Air-King Replica. The new Moon watch will be released. The year 2021 will be a great one, focusing on our biggest brand pillars. Even though 2021 will be a busy year, I cannot wait. The year will be great.

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