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Warren Buffet famously said: "When you look at the water, you can see who is naked." This year the water came in and we saw that some brands gained a lot of market share, while others suffered. What was the difference?

This year has been tough for brands who are authentic and make watches that truly reflect their DNA. This year was a very tough one for those who made tactical moves or marketing strategies.

Do people turn to their established models and brands in times of crisis?

In these tough times, brands without a real history,Rolex Replica Watches those who do not have the best watches and are not the leaders in their respective categories will fail. In these difficult times, it's important to return to our real values. We go back home to friends, family and the most authentic relationships.

If you, as a brand, do not also have an authentic relationship with your client, you are going to have a hard time not only this year but in the future. It is important to note that not all big brands are authentic. There are also many small ones who have done an excellent job. In my opinion, when we shop, or consume, we are expressing the values that matter to us. It was fascinating to see that, if a brand has authenticity, you can easily transfer this message to consumers digitally and they'll respond by buying your watches.

The price of the watches with the new caliber is higher than the watches with the caliber. They even have a double assembly, I believe. Your goal was to make Rolex Replica Watches's caliber 321 watches the best examples of haute-horlogerie.

It's great that you brought it up. Patek Philippe Replica has become a myth for watch collectors. Albert Piguet was the technical director at Lemania in the 1940s, which was a part of Rolex Replica Watches.

It was the movement that made us the leaders in chronographs starting from the 1950s. NASA chose the Speedmaster as the only official watch for its Space Program because of the movement. The caliber 321, which was used in all watches that went into space and the watches worn by men who first walked on the Moon, was the movement in each watch.

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