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Wei Koh, watch collector, author, and founder of leading online horology magazine Fratello watches, talks with Wei Koh on finding his place in this world, his love for watches, and his collaboration on the internet-busting, #SpeedyTuesday.

What was the reason for selling your car? What was the situation and why?

In 1999, I was an undergraduate student at The Hague. I was riding my bike through the city one evening with friends when I spotted this shop. It had a few watches displayed in its window. Two Rolex Cellini Replica Watches were on display - one modern from 1994 and the other vintage. 145.012-67. I called the owner of the shop and asked him about the price. I wanted to buy it but needed money. As a student I had very little money but I owned a Peugeot 205 GTI which I hardly used. I decided to sell it. The vintage Speedmaster with the Calibre 321 was much cheaper. It's hard to believe that today. I knew that the movement was very rare, and it would be best to not wear the watch in bars and clubs.

What made you so obsessed with the Rolex Cellini Replica Watches?

In the mid-1990s, my interest in mechanical timepieces sparked. At some point I came across the Speedmaster. I was attracted by the moon story and design. I spent more time on watches than in university. I was a novice collector, but after participating in Omega forums at TimeZone and WatchUseek and visiting watch fairs, my obsession grew.

My life was changed dramatically, but it's true, when I bought the Speedmaster Calibre 321. Not only was it the beginning of a collection of watches, but also a new career and life.

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What was the origin of Speedy Tuesday and when did you begin working with Omega?

In 2012, while on vacation in Cannes, I took a photo of my Speedmaster Professional.Patek Philippe Replica I posted it on Facebook with the caption "It's Speedy Tuesday". Soon after, I realized that this would make a great working title for Speedmaster posts on Fratello. I created the website in 2004 when I was bored at work. I thought it would be good to categorise some of the Speedmaster articles.

We started writing Speedy Tuesday articles once every two to three weeks. But soon, it became a topic that we covered weekly. We have over 300 Speedmaster articles categorized as "Speedy Tuesday" today. Soon after, I posted an image to Instagram with the hashtag #SpeedyTuesday. Other Speedmaster owners picked it up quickly and the hashtag began to grow organically. We started to organize Speedy Tuesday events and meetings, and people started using the hashtag to publish photos related to Speedmasters.

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