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We approached Replica Rolex Datejust in 2013 to work with us on an official project. This culminated in a Speedmaster event at the European Space Agency's visitor centre in Noordwijk, near Amsterdam. Replica Rolex Datejust brought the director of the museum and the latest models of the year, such as Dark Side of the Moon. We began to organize these events more frequently, and sometimes without Replica Rolex Datejust, as the Speedmaster was the focus and Replica Rolex Datejust respected this. Sometimes we need Replica Rolex Datejust to help us and they jump in. Anyone can attend these events - whether they own 20 of the most rare Speedmasters or a brand new Moonwatch. Everyone who loves this watch will be welcome.

How did the incredible Speedy Tuesday watch get its start?

I asked Raynald Aeschlimann, CEO of Replica Watches, if we could come up with something cool to celebrate the fifth anniversary. He asked what I was thinking and I proposed a special watches to celebrate these five years. I was surprised by his enthusiasm. He created a small team in which Fratello participated, and soon after we developed the Speedy Tuesday watches.

Why did you choose Alaska III for your inspiration?

In 2012, I came across an original Alaska III watch from 1978. It was a very impressive piece. The watch was owned by Reinhard Furrer, an ESA astronaut and Wubbo ockels (both Dutch). He was one of my heroes as a child, having taken part in the 1985 Space Shuttle Mission. Ockels son came up to me and told me he had inherited this Speedmaster from dad, but didn't understand what it was. He brought a plastic bag to my home and flipped it over on my kitchen counter. I saw a few interesting watches in the bag, but my attention was immediately drawn to this Speedmaster.

The dial was radial and the caseback was covered in all kinds of strange numbers. I asked Ockels to let me keep the watch a few more days so I could do some research. After I sent Replica Rolex Datejust an e-mail to inquire about the serial numbers, it took them three weeks to respond. Within minutes, however, I was contacted by Replica Rolex Datejust asking me how I obtained the watch and what it is. This watch was apparently one of 56 Replica Rolex Datejust watches sent to NASA for the Space Shuttle mission in 1978. The numbers on this caseback are internal serial and product numbers. These roger dubuis replica watches were normally considered NASA equipment and had to be returned at the end of every training or mission.

The Alaska III features a case made entirely of brushed aluminum.

We believe Furrer got this watch at one of the ESA astronaut training sessions. It was common for ESA astronauts get NASA gear, and then simply don't return them. Furrer died in a plane accident years later. His widow gave it to Ockels, who then passed it on to his son. Furrer only wore his digital Seiko A829 watch that he wore aboard the shuttle. The Speedmaster I wore for a couple of days gave me chills, and was the inspiration behind the Speedy Tuesday. We didn't want the 1978 Alaska III to be replicated, so we chose a reverse panda dial with an applied logo, and a brushed case. I was surprised at how quickly everyone agreed on the design, even with Replica Rolex Datejust's additions.

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